Medicapp Connect launches Medicapp Pro, a major new version of its digital platform for healthcare professionals and their patients

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted so many situations where fast sharing of medical information could have saved lives. But we all know the problem: collecting and sharing medical data is complicated.

Paris – December 14, 2020. Medicapp Connect, a start-up specializing in the design of software, applications and Cloud in the field of Healthcare, launches a new major version of its digital platform for healthcare professionals and their patients: Medicapp Pro. This version now integrates a complex algorithm to manage and share sensitive health data securely and confidentially. It is a multi-dimensional sharing – between several practitioners, between several types of devices and with patients. A major challenge of this new version was to take into account the essential security constraints but also technical constraints such as operating in offline mode or simultaneous connections to the same medical record. Healthcare professionals using Medicapp Pro will therefore be able to better coordinate their work, have a comprehensive view of the patient and make patient care more efficient.

The Medicapp Connect team is particularly proud of the design of TrustSpace®, a flexible and customizable technology that allows healthcare professionals to coordinate efficiently whatever the situation. Indeed, an TrustSpace® can be organized around a pathology as well as a location (healthcare professionals in the same city) or any other organizational criteria in order to create working groups. Such a space can contain any number of patients and collaborators while remaining very simple to manage by the user.

Maya Eder and Olivier Corruble, founders and managers of Medicapp Connect declared “we were really encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback from the field during our long testing phase with doctors, clinics, associations…. We have therefore decided to open our Medicapp Pro platform to all healthcare professionals.”

Medicapp Pro thus becomes an innovative tool with enriched features focused on the user experience. The new version is available on the Web and as from today on the App Store.

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