Medicapp Health Cloud
Secure back-up and secure health data sharing

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Medicapp Health Cloud
Secure back-up and secure health data sharing

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3 main advantages of the Health Cloud
Secure data sharing among practitioners, organisations, with a patient and on multiple devices

In a context where cyber attacks are more and more widespread, Medicapp Connect wishes to reassure health professionals and their patients about the protection of medical data processed and stored in Medicapp Pro software. Medicapp has built a secured and certified Cloud access that respects all legal security and confidentiality requirements for health data in France and in the EU.

3 main advantages of the Health Cloud :

  1. Secure data sharing among health professionals involved in patient care
  2. Secure back-up of health records’ content in accordance with health data archiving requirements
  3. Secure multi-device access to the patient record – on mobile phone, tablet or PC/Mac

Medicapp enables health professionals to access data from anywhere, any time and on the device of their choice. They can share data with authorized internal or external users easily and safely. A specificity of our system is that HCPs can access all data online AND offline safely.

Health data security
Protect your health records

All data is stored on servers with HADS certification :

  • Certification for France and the EU delivered by Ministry of healthcare : “Agrément Hébergeur agréé de données de santé”
  • ISO 9001: quality management
  • ISO 27000, 27001, 27004 : management of data security
  • HL7 ISO/HL7 10781

The set-up and installation have been designed to be simple and efficient. In order to ensure the encryption and security of data when it passes through the Internet, a security certificate is installed on each device and for every user. To activate this level of security, Medicapp transmits a security key (One Time Password), allowing the installation of the certificate after verifying the identity of the healthcare professional.

In order to increase interoperability, Medicapp respects international standards for health data structuring (HL7, CDA).

How to send a secure link with a medical form by SMS to your patient?

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