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Our apps have been downloaded over 30 000 times ! We help healthcare professionals to ease care-coordination and medical data sharing among doctors and with their patients for better patient care and outcomes. Medicapp Pro is a powerful digital medical record and medical forms system composed of native iOS app and a web access on your desktop. You can track and structure data easily, and transform them into legible and professional documents that you can share safely. We provide you with Health Cloud system with current, flexible, secure and speedy technology solutions to keep your data accessible at all times and safe. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you are set to using it within minutes.

Maintain complete, consistent and legible medical records
Get instant access to your patient data, take clinical notes, generate customized evaluation reports, import documents. Thanks to an integrated camera, add to patient record photos and annotate them with measure of angles, text, arrows etc.
Customize your medical forms and surveys
Create your own templates effortlessly. It works like Google forms but secure for health data and results go directly to medical records.
Generate documents
Assisted data input for reports, just choose notes you wish to share, choose up to 3 photos you wish to incorporate into a PDF® and sign. You can also scan your documents – take a photo and a PDF is generated, print and send your documents by email.
Certified Cloud & Secure health data sharing
All connections are secured and your data is stored on certified health cloud. You can access your patient records from anywhere, anytime, on your iPad or your iPhone app and your PC or Mac. If you change devices, you can restore data within 3 minutes.
Share medical records with your team
Organize teams and groups in TrustSpaces, you can easily add or withdraw an access to medical records. Each health professional in a team or organization can import different types of documents in order to have a good overview of patient’s situation.
Remote access
To assure constant access to your data, Medicapp apps work offline too.

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Available now for iPhone and iPad and some features on desktop.

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