Conduct secure health-related
research surveys effortlessly.

It’s like Google Forms for health-data.

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5 main points you definitely need to address when designing secured survey
You want to conduct a survey, research or study and use various types of questions for more precision
It must be secure and certified for collecting health-data
You want to ask patient for his/her consent
All data has to be saved in structured database
You need an export for analysis (*.xml, *csv…)
What can we provide you with?
Design questionnaires effortlessly with different types of the answers (checkboxes, paragraphs, dates, grids…).
Use our consent form and customize your consent – define how data is going to be used, add contacts… and collect patient’s consent to use his/her data.
Generate a secure URL and send it to patients 1 or X patients.
You can create an anonymous database and patient answers anonymously. Or patient can identify securely through One-Time-Password (via email or SMS) and his/her data will be saved in his/her patient record.
Follow results in secure back-office and export data for analysis.
And what’s amazing about all this – set-up is quick and effortless.

Medicapp Health Cloud

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