We build healthcare and well-being products and transform them into seducing solutions for users.


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We are fully serviced company that accompanies you from market access to mobile development specialized in health-tech and well-being sector with experience in France and in Europe. We ourselves produce healthtech products, therefore we understand complex healthtech innovations. We help you build them and/or to turn them into marketing solutions that engage users and investors.

Carry out market research, write specifications documents for web and mobile user interfaces, design mock-ups, communicate with designers and programers.
Product conception and user experience
Consolidate user inputs and determine how well each feature would address user needs. We help you or your Product owner to fill in a Backlog and communicate as well with users as with your IT team.
Clear your Product Backlog in your Scrum project
Help design testing documentation and support material, collect feedback from users to help product owner to clarify and prioritize requirements and find sometimes unexpected benefits users enjoy.
Product beta-testing
We can integrate parts of our technology to help you collect structured data and scores quickly in order to help you enhance patient experience and improve efficiency for HCPs.
Patient experience management
We help you to design impactful campaigns and to implement a repeatable process for generating high-quality leads. We clearly define together meaningful business outcomes through goals, ROI and KPI.
Global campaign development
Design and conceive website with smart ROI- and SEO- friendly content driving more organic trafic to your website.
Website and web presence
Promote your brand on social media, increase awareness, website traffic and drive quality lead generation.
Healthcare and well-being social media management
Design and put in action detailed sales execution plan up to closure, write scripts, help recruit and train sales people.
Call center set-up
Understand customer goals, ensure best practice adoption, create process for client on boarding, conceive educational ressources in order to assure high level of customer satisfaction.
Client service set-up
Set up a strategic live chat experience that is seamless and perfectly useful for both brands and their customers. Improve digital support experience for your prospects or customers.
Live chat engagement
Understand how marketing efforts tie in with sales efforts, and together define content of sales materials, understand their use and produce them.
Sales materials
We can design or provide you with parts of our technology for patient support in order to deliver optimal healthcare experience during clinical trials and any projects requiring patient follow-up : remote monitoring, patient apps, AI, SMS reminders, medical forms…
Patient support programs for clinical trials or follow-up
We provide a software and mobile apps enabling small or large HCPs practices, clinics and projects to manage and share medical records of their patients and to produce documents through customizable questionnaires and forms.
Customizable health IT and patient record management
Turn your concepts into prototypes in order to get customer feedback faster and to gain further support and funding.
Pilotes and prototypes
Technical integration services - programming, data migration,
Healthcare operations consulting
Save and share your data through health-data accredited Cloud (HADS), and design web services with connection to third-party application for integration.
Secured Cloud
Understand business needs and transform them into a system of applicative IT architecture.
IT architecture
Qualified and dedicated teams to fullfill your mission
Maya Eder

Marketing expert with relevant professional experience and proven record of success in marketing in SaaS and health-tech sector. She managed multiple projects across product, sales set-ups, marketing and networking with KOLs. Tech savvy and UX-passionate, results-orientated, with good analytical and managing skills, she enjoys challenge and delivers results in fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

Olivier Corruble

IT engineer and architect with 17 years of experience as a project manager in charge of several software development projects as well as virtualization of computer networks and server farms in data centers. Olivier has designed the Medicapp platform architecture and developed our 3 applications (native iOS, Android and Angular/NodeJS). He has managed and partially developed Medicapp API REST/JSON. He has a solid knowledge of HL7/IHE too.

At least for 3 reasons !
Our great asset is our experience and understanding of health-tech and well-being sector and audiences.
We understand complex product attributes and can relate their benefits into relevant data driven marketing.
Our outcomes are proven in delivery.
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